5 Reasons I Use Snapchat To Send Nudes


Bailey Bae

May 28, 2019

Post Snapchat Nudes

As a camgirl, I am always looking for new ways to sell my nudes online. Snapchat has always been a safe haven when I want to send nudes to strangers. When I use this platform, I can always trust the photos will not end in the wrong hands. This is because the nude pics disappear a few seconds after being seen. If I send a photo to hot men that want to see me naked, there is a 99% chance that no one else will see it. And given that there are more than 10 million users at any given time, I have high odds of finding plenty of hot, sexy, and willing men. Below are five reasons why I use Snapchat to send nudes.


1. I can make a 10-second long porno

The best part of Snapchat is that I can take both photos and videos. When I want to take a sexy video, I aim the camera to my sexy self and put a sex soundtrack. Sometimes, I take videos myself saying naughty and dirty things. And when I connect with a man, I can give him a quick glimpse of what is in my pants. More interestingly, the video won’t cut me off if it’s longer than 10 seconds. This has made sexting much easier. I can record 60 seconds of video in one go by splitting into one 10 seconds clip. If I want to leave my man begging for more, I can cut the video off before the lapse of 10 seconds. But if I take a photo and realize it’s not quite safe for public consumption, Snapchat allows me to roll back the memories.

Unlike porn sites, I find that men appreciate women who get naked just for them. The fun doesn’t end here. I can ask guys if they want me to pose a certain way according to their fantasies. If I have a sex routine nailed down, I can send a 5-minute video to spice up my sex life. Rather than send a sexy nude with a caption, a sexy video is a great way to say, “I have a surprise waiting for you.” I can also break the routine by sending sexy selfies along with filtered ones.


2. I can replay the naughty bits

Another feature I love about Snapchat is that I can motion track stickers in videos. When I want to build tension, I can motion track some emojis. My personal favorite is “no one under 18 emoji” to cover up some sexy parts. It’s a great way of building tension until the next time we meet with each other. If I realize the trust level is still shaky, I can censor out my face. In the unusual event that the photo ends up on the internet, no one will ever know it belongs to me. By now, I have figured out how safe it is to send nude photos on Snapchat. Before I post anything, I avoid full face shots and hide any distinguishing parts. Also, I’m very selective about whom I send them to. And every time I want to make a man horny, I can motion track personalized stickers.

As a model, I can think of some creative ways to personal stickers. Snapchat allows me to replay the best moments once more. Whether I want to flirt with a new crush or introduce sexting to a long term relationship, I’ve found the filters to be the ice breaker.


3. I can tease with a timer and send a sexy link

Snapchat has added two new features: the infinity timer and magic eraser. I usually take a 10 minutes video and chat with my man back and forth. Still, I can set the time to less than 10 seconds. This is more fun when I create some tension. If I want to remove everything within the snap, I use the magic eraser. It works the same as Photoshop fix tool. With this feature, I can keep hot men on my toes. Also, I can attach anything I believe is a stellar choice. For example, I can attach a link of a sex toy I bought—the possibilities are endless. This is the best way to build a connection without leaving any trail behind.

If I want to show my suitors what I’m looking at the moment, I can create a link and attach great sexual content. More often, I always notify my man if I want to try a particular position. I can also get a little dirtier by linking to some porn. Sometimes, even naked photos can be boring. Instead of sending a few photos when I’m in my bra, I can say something like “Want to take this off?” I find a link to be the perfect way to communicate what I want to a new man.


4. I can censor myself

I have to admit that Snapchat is still around because it allows people to send naked photos with a sense of security. This means I can make the most out of the sexy filters. Even better, I can use a personalized sticker to censor myself. No matter what part of my body I want to show, there’s always a sticker to censor any part of the body. And when I’m not feeling entirely confident with a man, I can cover part of my face with stickers. This feature makes the nudes appear more family-friendly. Most men out there say Snapchat filters make me look 10 times sexier. This is why but I’ll keep using it. Because sex is not strictly serious, I use funnier filters when I send nudes.


5. I can double check the recipient

Over the years, I have learned how to sext like a pro. The thought of sending a nude picture to the wrong person is always crossing my mind. I have a long list of friends that in no circumstances, I’d like them to see my nude pics. With Snapchat, I don’t let the adrenaline get on my way. Regardless of how eager I’m ready to send the message, I always double check before sending a sexy snap. But what is more intriguing is that I’m notified when someone takes a screenshot of a snap. Depending on the device I’m using, a pop-up alert will appear on the screen.

Sharing sexy photos is no longer a new phenomenon. Without a doubt, Snapchat has turned me to a sexting pro. It has eliminated any kind of negative stigma that comes with sharing erotic pictures and videos. Snapchat is a great tool for those who like to play around as well as sex professionals who are looking for clients.

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